Columbus Ohio's Festival Scene

You might find yourself on any given weekend, heading to one of the fantastic festivals in and around the greater Columbus area. Having a major university in the county, you might imagine that there are a lot of fun and engaging festivals to enjoy throughout the year. Here, we'll examine some of our favorite festivals, and let you know that just about anything you'd want to attend in the Columbus area, is a perfect excuse to splurge just a bit and allow yourself to be papered by the fine folks here at Columbus Limo Bus! Without further ado, here's a few of the more popular "limo bus" festivals we've had the honor of driving for, and perhaps one or two that we'd like to hear from you about soon!

The Columbus Community Festival (Typically in late June)
The Columbus Community Festival is all about, you guessed it, our great community! It's about putting aside differences and celebrating a collective culture of fantastic people from all races and creeds. As the event creators will tell you, they're all about using this event to put aside stereotypes and prejudices that do tend to get in the way sometimes. To top it off, there's always great artists playing music from all genres, and will continue to be a great way to bring the Columbus community together. This is definitely a cause we can get behind, and we certainly love catering to this event.

Red, White & Boom! (Near 4th of July, yearly)
Red, White & Boom is the Columbus celebration of America. It's aptly put on near the fourth of July on a yearly basis and features a parade and a typically spectacular fireworks display. An added bonus, is that there's also a lot of fantastic FOOD vendors who are sharing their culinary delights. Who doesn't like some great food to go along with their fourth of July celebration? Certainly we don't. This is a family friendly event, so you're encouraged to bring the kiddos along to enjoy the festivities and also a pretty engaging Children's park that includes face painting, games, ballooners, and other inflatable toys to keep your children entertained to the max.

North Market Food and Wine Festival
Since we brought up food in the last festival, we figured we'd tell you all about our favorite food and wine festival! The North Market Food & Wine Festival features the best cuisine and vino from all across the great state of Ohio. You'll find wineries from all around Ohio take part in this extravaganza of great tastes. To make things a bit easier for the patrons, you'll find that the tickets also include tasting tickets, a food certificate, and a wine tasting souvenir glass.

Jazz & Rib Fest
What a perfect combo. Great music, and the best barbecue in the world! This is one festival that we've not missed in a long, long time. We hope to invite many festival goers on board this year for this unforgettable festival.

Ohio State Fair
Typically running from the end of July through the beginning of August, the state fair is not an event to miss for those who love the festival scene!

While, we could probably write about the great happenings around Columbus all day and night, you'd likely get bored and move along. So, for some information for contemplation, we'll list of a few more of the popular festivals that would be a great pairing for one of our luxurious limo buses, party buses, or limousines!

Dublin Irish Festival, Columbus Food Truck Festival, Sangria Festival, Columbus Festival Latino, Grove City Bourbon Tasting, UCAF African Village Arts Festival, Reynoldsburg Tomato Festival, India Festival, Breakaway Music Fest, Easyriders Motorcycle Rodeo, Vintage Hollywood Wine Festival, The Greek Festival, Fashion Meets Music Festival, Labor Day Arts Festival, Ohio Craft Brew Festival, Columbus International Film + Video Festival, The Winter Jam, and really so many more to list. Honestly, there's so much going on during any month of the year in Columbus, it would take weeks to write it all down!

You're welcome to get in touch with us, if you're wondering if we'll provide the services you need for your big outing. Chances are pretty much near 100% that we will but, it never hurts to ask. We'd love to hear from you!