About us

In all of Columbus, the place to go for the best luxury transportation is Limo Bus Columbus. We have been dedicated to providing Columbus residents and visitors with luxury of the highest quality since we began our first ventures into this business. We work hard to continue brining new and exciting vehicles to our fleet and to keep our prices affordable.

How do we keep our prices so competitive? It's really easy when you examine the work we put into predicting the market and proactive reactions to compensate. When our costs go down, or we anticipate a drop in costs, our analysts work to lower our costs for our customers as well. It's a system that has served us well. And, of course, much more goes into it over and above what is stated in these few words. In a nutshell though, this is how it works for us, and the end result is an affordable yet world-class experience for each and every one of our clients!

You'll find that Limo Bus Columbus we hire only the best! The best booking agents, the best detailers, and of course, the very best chauffeurs. Each and every one of our drivers is subject to a thorough screening process before hiring, and upon hire they undergo a rigorous training program so you can feel safe doing business with us! Our vehicles are regularly maintained and updated to ensure the highest level of operability and cleanliness.

You'll find that our services are available for any event, at any time of the day or night... Extending 365 days a year! We can't wait to do business with you - give us a call today!